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Copy Editing

After your manuscript has reached its final structural form, it's time to focus on Copy Editing! During this stage, I will meticulously review your work for any errors that could reduce your credibility or distract your reader. 

Copy Editing consists of verifying:

  • Grammar 

  • Punctuation 

  • Syntax

  • Spelling 

  • Word Usage 

  • Consistency 

  • Adherence to a style guide

Feedback will consist of the manuscript's style sheet, a Word document of your manuscript with Tracked Changes and in-line comments, and a clean document with accepted changes.  

Copy Editing does NOT include:

  • Line Editing (Unless paired with that service)

  • Developmental Editing (Structural edits)

  • Ghost Writing (Rewriting substantial portions of the manuscript)

  • Typesetting/Formatting (Creating the visual layout of your manuscript)

  • Proofreading (Checking the final version of the manuscript before print) 

I currently offer new clients one free Copy Edit sample following the EFA's Guidelines for Editorial Testing

***Before booking this stage of editing, it is important that you've already gone through the Developmental Editing stage. You may end up cutting out or adding entire chapters during the structural edits. To prevent overpaying for Line Editing and Copy Editing services, ensure that you have completed all of your manuscript's structural work. 

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